Our Mission

Economic and Civic Education for a

Just and Sustainable World.


Everyone deserves to grow up and live in a peaceful and plentiful world. Yet so many suffer in the face of increasing disparity and challenges like global warming, scarcity, and social unrest.  The aim of GameChangers is to bring awareness to outmoded economic structures that perpetuate imbalance and build the scaffolding necessary to create inclusive, resilient, and nature-affirming local economies.

At GameChangers, we envision a world in which economic systems work effectively to balance interests, build common resources, nourish ecosystems, and provide for current and future generations. We see a vast network of healthy and vibrant communities in which everyone can participate and everyone thrives.


We believe the shift from extractive global economies to sustainable local economies starts with education. GameChangers creates immersive, bias-free, and scalable learning experiences that inspire people of all ages to see themselves as economic and civic innovators rather than disempowered bystanders.

For youth, we develop learning games that illuminate patterns and build new collaborative and co-generative capacity.

For adults, we amplify and connect people focused on transforming systems of production, consumption, and waste.

For society, we provide support to local communities working to actualize and sustain universal well-being.


Crystal Island: Survival of the Crystal People: a digital game in which players develop financial and civic literacy by exploring different types of trade, taxation, and stewardship while vanquishing encroaching darkness

World Pieces: a role-playing board game that illustrates the often hidden or latent effects of commercial behavior while challenging players to negotiate conflicting goals as they attempt to restore the world’s natural resources.

Care Economy Meet-Up: a tri-annual conference of communities around the world working to create equitable, prosperous, and eco-friendly local economies

Pod of Gold Podcast: a weekly podcast that highlights the work of activists, practitioners, and thinkers focused on transforming destructive patterns of production, consumption, and waste

FairyDust: a block chain-based social currency designed to catalyze stewardship and altruism within a care economy (in development)

OpenSources: a mobile app designed to explore the identity of “self” in the context of “community” (concept phase)


Our Motivation

Fundamentally, GameChangers is a catalyst for social innovation. We believe the successful evolution of human society will require a profound transformation of the systems and structures that shape our behavior, especially our economic structures, public policies, and means of participation.

In a world of finite and diminishing resources, systems rooted in competition and growth are no longer sustainable.  Additionally, marginalized communities often lack the education necessary to gain access to the tools that enable social and economic success.

GameChangers not only offers new ways to think about economic systems, we also develop practical skills in personal finance, critical thinking, and civic engagement. Our programs are designed to transcend barriers of class, race, gender, geography, and other biases that can inhibit learning.

Finally, technical advances like blockchain represent new building blocks for economic and social creativity. GameChangers provides a motivational context to inspire next generations of social innovators.

Our Values

Inclusion: We believe everyone should have the knowledge they need to survive, contribute, and thrive. We provide accessible, affordable products and programs for everyone, especially for people in marginalized communities.

Empowerment: We provide the building blocks for social and economic innovation, including skills necessary to see patterns, participate collaboratively, and access resources.

Innovation: We believe that radical transformation of social and economic systems is both inevitable and necessary for human survival. Our products and programs prepare next-generation leaders to design sustainable systems that include and empower everyone.

Interdependence: Our society is largely fueled by the pursuit of self-interest, often without regard for the interests of others. We aspire to foster societal systems that account for interconnected interests, build common resources, and ensure stewardship of happy humans on a healthy planet.