Our Mission

Empower kids to thrive in a complex world through high-impact educational games.

Context: Everyone deserves to grow up in a peaceful and plentiful world. Yet most kids feel anxious and helpless in the face of urgent global challenges like climate change, economic disparity, disease, and social unrest.

Strategy: GameChangers delivers fun and friendly learning experiences that go beyond books to inspire social responsibility and new thinking about economics, public policy, and social infrastructure. Participants develop a profound sense of interdependence and empathy as they learn to see systems, identify causal connections, collaborate across disciplines, and design for interdependence.

Result: Participants gain the capacity and confidence to tackle global challenges and create inclusive, equitable, and sustainable social systems.

Vision: GameChangers sees a world invented by today’s children — a world in which people work together to balance interests, build common resources, nourish ecosystems, and provide for future generations. We see a world of vibrant and resilient local communities where everyone participates and everyone counts.

Edge: All GameChanger products and programs are:

•  Accessible, Affordable, Scalable
•  Collaborative and Engaging
•  Free of Advertising
•  Free of Cultural/Gender Bias
•  Protective of Personal Data

Our Work

As children, we learn through experiences: interacting with parents, exploring surroundings, or solving problems in play. Games can powerfully influence our worldview.  For example, many of us learned from Monopoly that we should accumulate money, stockpile resources, and work to bankrupt everyone else. As we age, these thought patterns affect our behavior toward each other and our planet.

GameChanger products and programs are designed to create new thought patterns: that resources can be shared sustainably, money can foster collaboration and creative exchange, and different policies can be designed to support lasting prosperity. Additionally, players learn essential life skills like financial literacy and civic engagement.

Our Motivation

Fundamentally, GameChangers is a catalyst for social innovation. We believe that successful evolution of human society will require a profound transformation of the systems and structures that shape our behavior, including our economic structures, public policies, and means of participation.

In a world of finite and diminishing resources, systems rooted in competition and growth are no longer sustainable.  Additionally, marginalized communities often lack the education necessary to gain access to the tools necessary to achieve social and economic success.

GameChanger games not only deliver new ways to imagine and design more inclusive systems, but also develop practical life skills in personal finance, communal economics, and civic engagement. Our games are designed to transcend barriers of class, race, gender, geography, and other biases that can inhibit learning.

Finally, technical advances like blockchain represent new building blocks for economic and social creativity. GameChangers provides a motivational context to inspire the next generation of social innovators.

Our Values

Inclusion: We believe everyone should have the knowledge they need to survive, contribute, and thrive. We provide accessible, affordable products and programs for everyone, especially for people in marginalized communities.

Empowerment: We provide the building blocks for societal and economic literacy, including the systems thinking necessary to participate in, and help create society that promotes healthy interdependence and universal well-being.

Innovation: We believe that radical transformation of social and economic systems is both inevitable and necessary for human survival. Our products and programs prepare next-generation leaders to design sustainable systems that include and empower everyone.

Interdependence: Our society is largely fueled by the pursuit of self-interest, often without regard for the interests of others. We aspire to foster societal systems that account for interconnected interests, build common resources, and ensure stewardship of happy humans on a healthy planet.