The Trading Game That Builds A Better World

Welcome to WorldPieces®, the trading game that builds a better world! As resources run critically low, players must trade to survive while also working to restore world resources. But is everyone pulling in the same direction? Who can best use their wits and skills to see hidden agendas, negotiate imaginative trades, and collaborate enough to win their game?

Environmental Awareness

• Explore finite resources
• Connect buying/selling to global well-being
• Uncover causes of climate change
• Discover possible solutions

Social Resposibility

• Practice empathy and stewardship
• Build alliances
• See multiple perspecitves
• Develop a context of community

• 3 to 6 players per game

• 45 to 75 minutes

• Age 8+ / Adults

• Workshops available

• Teacher/trainer trainings available

Economic Literacy

• Manage finances
• Connect products to resources
• Understand “externalized costs”
• Negotiate trades

Cooperative Learning

• Discover common interests
• Negotiate compromise
• Find win-win solutions
• Communicate effectively

With progressive levels of learning, WorldPieces® tells a story about humans and planet Earth. In Phase 1 of the game, players disassemble the World Puzzle as they claim resources to make products we use every day. In Phase 2, players with diverse motives collaborate, negotiate, and trade to meet their unique goals, restore resources, and perhaps, reassemble the puzzle into a Happy World!