Success Beyond Self

“Sad World”                                                               “What can we do?”                                                     “Happy World”

PolyMoney is a radical twist on the world’s most famous money games. Players trade in order to survive, but as the planet erodes, they must work together to restore the world before it’s too late!

Learning Phases

Unlike traditional winner-take-all games, PolyMoney takes wits, collaboration, and strategy.

1. Seeing “Externalized” Costs

In market economies, we don’t always see or account for all the side effects of extraction, production, consumption, and waste.  PolyMoney gives players hands-on experience in dealing with the full cost of development, industrialization, and commerce.

2. Collaborative Competition

Competition can be healthy, but it can also marginalize people.  Some players “win big,” while others “lose out.”  PolyMoney offers a new model of collaborative competition that enables players to go for the win, and also win as a team.

3. Economic Innovation

PolyMoney offers an exciting new dimension to the world’s most popular money game.  Players get to invent new forms of trade while saving the world together.

Mind Bending!

“Wow! PolyMoney really opened my mind! I didn’t know business as usual affects everythiing so deeply.  I have a whole new understanding of climate change.” Chloe, New York, age 17

“It was so fun to strategize on a higher level.  I wasn’t just thinking about my own success — I was also working with my friends to restore the world.  That’s how real life should be.”  Joanne, age 32