In Science We Trust | Avisha NessAiver

Pandemic. Vaccine. Climate emergency. Is it controversial to say that we need scientific knowledge to understand and deal with issues like these? Not on our show. But it’s no question that public trust in science has diminished in recent years. In this episode, we speak with Avisha NessAiver (@distilledscience) about his work delivering digestible scientific knowledge on  social media and how we can reestablish trust in this essential field. (30m 43s)

Avisha’s Bio

Avisha NessAiver, M.S. is the Chief Technology Officer of Birya Biotech, Partner at Labsero, Venture Partner at MedStartr Venture Fund, and Chief Science Officer at MedStartr Direct. Avisha is a an electrical engineer, COVID scientist, air quality specialist, serial entrepreneur, personal health consultant, and ruthless self-optimizer. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Maryland with a Masters in Signal Processing and Machine Learning, Avisha spent years developing and carrying out Quality Control programs for MRI machines. After discovering a passion for health and nutrition, he decided to direct his engineering training towards learning about the human body and applying a scientific mindset towards its optimization. This launched a personal quest of biohacking, self-improvement, event organizing, writing, speaking, and co-founding his own health-tech startup. With a weekly reading average of 2 books and 30 scientific research journal articles, Avisha is constantly on the lookout for ways to apply cutting-edge science to both his business endeavors and personal performance. Since the pandemic began, Avisha has made it his mission to read every published research paper on COVID transmission, and to apply that knowledge towards developing science-backed reopening strategies for buildings and businesses that can help prevent the spread of disease.

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