In Politics, Money Talks | Michael Kink

In this episode, we start a dive into the role of money in politics. From campaign financing and Citizens United to lobbying and taxation,  the influence of money on democracy is undeniable. And in a system where dollar contributions count as speech, some voices will inevitably be raised above the rest. We ask Michael Kink, executive director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition, what we can do to safeguard and fortify the principles of democracy in the face of big money. (36m 19s)

Michael’s Bio

Michael Kink is Executive Director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition, a labor-community coalition focused on economic fairness & income inequality. He has helped lead campaigns to win a state “Millionaires Tax,” increases in the state minimum wage, reduce the impact of big money on politics, and organize with fast-food and low-wage workers in the “Fight for $15.” He has organized and participated in dozens of civil disobedience and direct action protests with HIV/AIDS, Occupy and disability, antipoverty & civil rights coalitions. He studied meditation at Dai Bosatsu Zendo and has worked to bring faith, activist and mindfulness communities together for political and social activism. He is a public interest attorney with degrees from Brown University and the NYU School of Law and has worked on economic justice, poverty, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, disability and children’s issues in New York City, Albany and Washington DC.

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