Actually, There Aren’t Other Fish in the Sea | Max Bello

A healthy ocean is essential to the survival of almost all life on Earth. Unfortunately, at it’s last check up, the ocean wasn’t doing so hot. Acidification, melting ice caps, pollution, and overfishing are just a few of the threats to its wellbeing. In this episode, we speak with Max Bello of Mission Blue about the policy interventions and individual actions that could pull the ocean back from the brink. (44m 13s)

Max’s Bio

Maximiliano Bello is an international ocean policy expert who has worked in the environmental arena for over 2 decades to advance marine conservation priorities. He has worked for non-governmental organizations in Chile and the United States including The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oceana, World Wildlife Fund, Island Conservation and the Blue Whale Center, among others. Mr. Bello has operated with a wide array of international fora including the United Nations and its various conventions and bodies. Additionally, Mr. Bello has worked directly with governments in Latin America and around the world to establish marine protected areas. Of note, Mr. Bello was instrumental in securing protections for over 2 million km squared of countries’ territorial waters. His work at Mission Blue is focused on securing and elevating global marine conservation targets, engaging local and national governments in protecting their own waters and advancing marine conservation priorities in various international multilateral fora. Mr. Bello is a veterinarian by training with advanced degrees and diplomas in natural resource management, protected areas and economics, including a MSc from the University of Edinburgh.

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